A few weekends ago, we headed for a quick mini-vacation up to Ojai, California. (If you saw the fire along the I-15 that weekend, believe me we were glad we chose Ojai. Vegas was our second choice.) This was my first visit to the small town. I had only known of it from passing road signs and friend’s own vacations, so it was exciting to get a chance to explore a new place. Our friend, Zo offered to drive so the 3 of us (plus doggie) crammed into his new GTR and cruised up in style. (He sure gets his fair share of attention in this car!)


While there we stayed at a cute little inn, had some amazing Italian food and explored the local shops. Bart’s Books of Ojai, an outdoor bookstore, is AWESOME. I will definitely be coming back and spending a LOT more time in this place.


We had been told about a good trail with great views, so after our morning coffee we headed out to Shelf Road.


Shelf Road is a dry, dusty, windy trail carved into the side of the mountain. There are definitely some fantastic views of the Ojai Valley Sulphur Mountain and the orange groves below.

Ojai Valley

Unfortunately, the weather started to turn on us and we had to head back to LA in the rain.


Desmond HATES the rain. Until next time Ojai!

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