Saturday in El Dorado

Man and Hover Dog

Sorry, no lost city of gold here; just El Dorado Park, in the LBC!
I was just thinking, I should try to capture more images of our dog, Desmond, while he is still fairly young. Unfortunately, he is faster than I and somehow, every time I pull out a camera he just ‘knows’ and shies away.

These two are gold in my book.


Santiago Creek-Wilderness Loop Trails

Submerged Dam

In an effort to take in more of the outdoors, we decided to explore the Santiago Creek-Wilderness Loop Trails in Santiago Oaks Regional Park just outside of Villa Park, CA. These are an amazing set of trails and like many descriptions, they take you through a variety of scenery.

Fern & Flora

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En route to Big Bear

Along the Highway

“Low visibility at 5000 feet. Drive carefully.” a friend’s text warned as we followed a distance behind, en route to Big Bear.
Low visibility was correct. We had literally driven into a cloud.

These are my favorite images, captured while driving up the CA18 & CA38.

Along the Highway

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Way Back When: Portland

Under Construction

Recently, I have had some terrible luck with my back-up hard drives. Just when I feel like my files are safe and secure, the drive has a mega freak-out and either crashes or threatens to die on me (enter backup emergency mode). Because of this,  I have been going through all my old photos to make sure they are all still intact. Everything so far is good to go and, as I hoped, there some gems in there!

These are my favorite photographs from my first visit to Portland, OR in 2007.

Mark Building

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