Styles Without Labels

Product Photography for online sunglass and accessories retailer Styles Without Labels (SWOL). In collaboration with Metropaulitan Design.

Velvet Angels

Lookbook and Product Photography for luxury shoe line Velvet Angels in collaboration with CV Studios.


Found Slides + Polaroid Daylab : Polaroid Land Camera 669
Instant Film, 2012

These images from this series entitled, Qualia, are, within themselves, a reaction of an associative nature. Our own experiences and memories, whether they are physical or visual, are constantly forming associations within our daily lives. Each diptych is comprised of a found image and an image purely my own, signifying a reaction of one to another through memory, color, or form. Found images hold a unique character. Each provides its own qualia, or “raw feels”. It is that subconscious instinct that allows for the visual pairing to take place. With each pair, I have coupled two non-relevant moments in time to create something fluid and timeless. The process in which I paired these images was purely intuitive. Using a Polaroid DayLab, I sought out and printed the found slides that emoted the most onto instant film. With a DayLab, there is always cause for error. In each found print, some image distortion or emulsion tearing occurs. This, as represented, is the perfect visual notion of memory: partially constructed, yet room for influence. I began shooting on instant film with the intention of completing these memories. Together, the pair provide an altered, yet, realistic view of memory. Through the instinctual marriage of a found image to one of my own, I have created a heightened visual experience, capturing the intrinsic nature of association and personal connection.

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